Birding Tours

Budongo Forest is one of the top areas in Uganda for those interested in birding safaris. Birders will find Budongo literally a paradise with its 360 plus species of birds.  Bird watching walks are full or half day in length led by knowledgeable guides. Certainly one must take the time to go and see the famous for birding “Royal Mile” which is a short distance in the Busingiro area of Budongo

Spot some of the following species to name a few – remember that there are 360 plus species of birds found here – Sabine’s spine tail, Cassins spine tail (rare), Pygmy crakes, Kingfishers (Chocolate backed, blue breasted, dwarf), White spotted fluff Tail, Ituri Batis, Pulvus Illadopsis, Brown twin Spot, Cameroon Somber, Cassins hawk Eagle, Crowned Eagle, Yellow crested Woodpecker, Forest Robin, Little green Sunbird, Grey headed Sunbird.

Budongo Forest Eco-Lodge:

This is a budget, moderately priced lodge – an eco – friendly establishment with tucked away cabins in forest and dorm rooms for the budget minded traveler. Food is good here along; occasionally fudge brownies are available for North American Travelers who enjoy them.  The service is good and the main thing is the convenient location.

You are in the Forest, right at the Trailhead for Chimpanzee Tracking, Hikes in the Forest and Birding.  Expert Birding Guides are available and we can arrange for it. Day safari, staying overnight at Budongo Eco-Lodge, just ask us.