Bird Watching

Welcome to Uganda for your bird watching safaris in the parks and the bird species commonly seen between Paraa Rest Camp and Ferry crossing are; Spotted Mourning Thrush, Vitelline Masked Weaver, Silver Bird, Bluff-bellied Warbler, Blue-napped Mouse bird, Chestnut-crowned Sparrow – weaver Black – headed Gonolek, Green-winged Ptyilia, and Black-headed Batis, this is the best site for the localized White-rumped Seed-eater.

Common Nocturnal Species in the area include: Verreaux’s owls, Night jars such as long tailed and Pennat – winged night jar which usually is watched between the months of March – September. Also available is the amazing standard-winged night jar watched from November to February. Other bird species include: African Skimmer, White African fish eagle, long-toed plover, Gray Crowned crane, Goliath Heron and more

Guided Birding Walks in Kaniyo Pabidi

Budongo Forest is one of the top areas in Uganda for those interested in birding. Birders will find Budongo literally a paradise with its 360 plus species of birds. Bird watching walks are full or half day in length led by knowledgeable guides. Certainly one must take the time to go and see the famous for birding “Royal Mile” which is a short distance in the Busingiro area of Budongo.

Spot some of the following species to name a few – remember that there are 360 plus species of birds found here – Sabine’s spine tail, Cassins spine tail (rare), Pygmy crakes, Kingfishers (Chocolate backed, blue breasted, dwarf), White spotted fluff Tail, Ituri Batis, Pulvus Illadopsis, Brown twin Spot, Cameroon Somber, Cassins hawk Eagle, Crowned Eagle, Yellow crested Woodpecker, Forest Robin, Little green Sunbird, Grey headed Sunbird.

Shoe Bill Trek and Canoe Ride

One of the most sought after birds to be seen in Uganda is the shoe bill stork. This is one of the only places that you are almost always guaranteed to see the storks. The best sighting has been 11 in one trip! Within our swamps, these prehistoric-looking birds are nesting.

An early morning (06H00) shoe bill trek and canoe ride through the swamp not only gives you the opportunity to find the shoe bill, but also to see the beautiful Ugandan sunrise over Lugogo Swamp. Water birds are plentiful and this activity is a must for anyone who loves nature or is interested in birding. As this activity is so early in the morning, you must stay the night as you are unable to enter the sanctuary before 07H30. Recommended time: 06H00 to 10H00. How much time you need: Approximately 4 hours. What you need: Closed shoes, water, long pants and insect repellent

Birding Walk

The sanctuary contains over 300 bird species! There are four bird trails within the sanctuary which cover woodlands, swamp and savannah. The bird guides are excellent and this is an activity that cannot be missed by bird lovers! You will probably get to see some of the other game on the sanctuary while doing your bird walk. Spend a night or two on the sanctuary and enjoy the array of feathered friends we have. Best times for this activity: 07H00 to 09H00 and 16H00 to 18H00. How much time you need: 2 hours. What you need: Closed shoes, water, long pants and insect repellent.